Welcome to my final post of stories behind my latest album “Live at Studio B” set to release July 28th! The album will be released digitally through iTunes, cdBaby, Amazon, and the Google Play music store. The last two tunes that I will be talking about here were my favorite from the entire concert that was recorded for this live album.


No, I do not sing on this song (you would thank me if you’ve heard me sing). The main melody of this song is a simplified version of another song that I heard in church when I was really little. It was one of those songs that they would make you sing in church and it was so annoying that you would just mouth the word “watermelon” so everyone would think you were actually singing… maybe I’m the only one who has done that! Anyways, that melody really stayed with me for some reason but I couldn’t stand how the chords and rhythm supported it so I decided to rework the song into something that sounded better. I simplified the melody and found this really awesome bass line from a song that was written by Kenny Garrett entitled “Brother Hubbard”. Next I added a different chord structure to make the melody sound more interesting. I never really wrote a drum part for this but every drummer that has played it puts together an awesome groove. Check it out here:


Lost & Found

This was my favorite piece of the entire live concert. Everyone who played in the band sounded incredible! First, I need to give give you a little background on the makeup of the ensemble (or the instruments playing the song). Musicians refer to this type of ensemble as a “big band” but when most people hear that, they think of something like this to go along with swing dancing. Nothing wrong with that but there is also another form of big band music that is completely different. It’s not usually used to accompany dancers but it can sometimes feature elements of the big band music mentioned earlier. Think of it as orchestrated jazz. A great example would be Duke Ellington who wrote a lot of great dance pieces but also wrote feature pieces that were more about the sounds heard over the dance quality. I was striving for the Duke Ellington approach when I wrote this.

As for the story… when I was in the 3rd grade my mom would send me to school with a sweatshirt every morning. It didn’t even matter what the weather was like outside, I always had to wear a sweatshirt. Instead of bringing the sweatshirt home at the end of the day, I would shove it in my box at school (or lose it… now that I think about it I’m pretty sure I actually lost all of them). Anyways, at the end of the month or quarter my school would set out all of the lost & found items (see what I did there?) for students to take home. I can still see the mound of clothing sitting on the tables and picking out sweatshirt after sweatshirt to take back home. My mom was probably pissed too, seeing her son walk out of school with an armload of old sweatshirts that she thought were gone. Even my friends started calling me the sweatshirt kid! Anyways, hope you enjoy this one:


Don’t forget – “Live at Studio B” is available for download next week July 28th!