My new album “Live at Studio B” is set to release July 28th! This album has taken forever to get released! To help promote the album (and encourage you to buy it!), I’ll be sharing the stories that inspired the music with you here on my blog. Some stories are a little weird, but all of them are true (I promise!)….

The Meaning of Love

I can’t really take all the credit for this song… just the melody. The original song is a jazz standard entitled “You Don’t Know What Love Is” but I wanted to take out the melody to give my own version. For you music nerds interested in trivia – jazz musicians call a new melody over a familiar song a “contrafact“. The story behind this contrafact is pretty simple. The original song is basically a message saying exactly what the title suggests, you don’t know what love is. When I wrote my melody, I wanted to give the other side of that – I did know what love is… or at least thought I did through my 26 years of experience! I had been dating my future wife for a few months and really started to get a glimpse of what it meant to love someone. The song sounds dark throughout a decent amount of the tune so most people think that it means this is a negative view of love. Actually, this tune is a realistic view of love. This is best described by a quote from a famous saxophonist who said, “Playing the saxophone is a lot like marriage, some days you have to choose to love but other days it just comes easy.”

A Matter of Time

This tune took me a long time to write and a lot of time really pushing myself to finish it. I wanted to write a tune in the style of Art Blakey & the Jazz Messengers because there is so much soul and groove throughout the entire band and their compositions. When I wrote this piece, I was thinking a lot about my career and things that I wanted to do and accomplish. Most of those things seemed (and still seem) really far away so I wrote this piece as a reminder that it’s only a matter of time before success can really happen. Especially if you continue to work towards a goal.


Hope you enjoyed the first installment of stories behind my new album “Live at Studio B”! Stay tuned for another installment next week…